Wendy Sharpe Exhibition at Juniper Hall


When: February 18, 2017 10:00 am

Where: Juniper Hall

The Moran Arts Foundation is glad to announce the Wendy Sharpe's exhibition:
House of Dreams & The Book of Constant Stars

House of Dreams and The Book of Constant Stars are unique installations filling all of Juniper Hall. It consists of hundreds of works on paper, with no precise narrative. It explores the themes of relationships, memory, restlessness and longing. Some are real and some imagined. Some are more poetic or more mysterious.

The exhibition is on show at Juniper Hall, one of Sydney’s oldest houses. The Hall is the permanent home of the Moran Arts Foundation Collection and hosts ongoing exhibitions of awarded and emerging Australian artists.

This event finishes on: 25/03/17 17:00


Event contacts

Host: Moran Arts Foundation
Telephone: 02 9357 5222
Email: info@juniperhall.com.au


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