Membership Value Proposition

Membership to the Paddington Business Partnership

The Paddington Business Partnership (PBP) operates through Visit Paddington to support, educate and facilitate a healthy, vibrant business community with an emphasis on placemaking for the betterment of Paddington. At the heart of it, we are a business advocacy group tasked with helping to drive the economic prosperity of Paddington. We work closely with key stakeholders – Woollahra Municipal Council, The City of Sydney, Members of the PBP and the greater Paddington community. Our goal is to be a complete resource for you and your business.

What we can offer you instantly;

  • Representation on the Visit Paddington website – aligned to the precinct where you operate and the industry/category of your business making it easy for the public to navigate through the website to find you!
  • Social Media representation – Your business will be featured on Visit Paddington’s Instagram, Facebook and Twitter on a rotation basis with other member businesses throughout the year. We have over 3k followers on Instagram, over 2k followers on Facebook and nearly 1k on Twitter. These numbers are growing and offer great exposure for our members
  • Group representation to Council with a strong voice advocating on key issues impacting local business.
  • NSW Business Chamber Alliance Membership giving you better entitlements, networks, support and learning opportunities at no extra cost.
  • The opportunity for our members to list any upcoming events relating to your business on the ‘events page’ on the Visit Paddington website
  • Regular monthly Visit Paddington Newsletter – Includes cyclic business representation for our members, upcoming events featured, links to the precincts on the Visit Paddington website and special promotions
  • As a member, your business will have a presence in the next edition of the Visit Paddington Wayfinding Map – at this stage, we have produced and circulated the 1st edition in hardcopy (think Urban Walkabout). The second edition will be in production in 2018 with a view to ultimately develop a Visit Paddington Wayfinding App
  • Opportunities for your business to be a part of local festivals and initiatives
  • Voting rights at the AGM and the opportunity to nominate for a place on the Board

Membership for a full 12 months is $250 + GST.

To make it as easy as possible for your business to keep track of your membership, we have aligned the membership with the financial year and prorated the fee depending on what year of the month you join us.

Please see the below for the prorated membership prices;

Month July August Sept Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb March April May June
M’ship (GST not included) $250 $229 $208 $187 $166 $145 $125 $104 $83 $62 $42 $21

If you are a trader within Paddington and you would like to join or have any questions regarding membership please send an email to